Water is the most important element for life after the air. Though almost three-fourth of the earth’s surface is water, it is said that only 3% amount of it is worth use and pure. Also now with the increasing amount of pollutants, the purity of water has even more decreased. Due to the high amount of increasing pollutants in water, the chances of people getting ill have also increased. Thus, we are here to offer you the correct status of water about whether the water you will be using is pure or not.

Our water testing levels are acclaimed as per the Bureau of Indian Standards. The purification level of water is different for different uses. This level is measured and conducted in our laboratory as per the guidelines of BIS. Our laboratories are well accredited by AGMARK, NABL, BIS, FSSAI, APEDA, and others.

Some of the provisions that we follow for water testing are:

  • 1. Drinking water testing – IS 10500
  • 2. Packaged Natural Mineral water testing – IS 15485
  • 3. Borewell Water Testing – IS 10500
  • 4. Water for Food processing industry – IS 4251, and others.