It is over an extended number of years now, that our company has been assisting third party companies, with testing their finished pharmaceutical products. These products once finished are dispatched to other ancillary industries or are released in the market, for mass utilization. Hence, it is important that these products be tested for both good and bad elements before they reach the hands of the common masses. Here is where our role becomes imperative. The motto of our company is to help the producers trace any defect in the product, which shall in return limit the chances of any kind of harm to the consumers. Some of the many different types of pharmaceutical finished product testing assistances offered by us include-

  • 1. Performing Product release testing
  • 2. Releasing Process validation studies
  • 3. Investigating complaints from the market
  • 4. Doing Ongoing stability studies
  • 5. Forming reports to be dispatched for government tenders and supplies, etc.

As a seasoned pharmaceutical testing company, we have been checking pharmaceutical finished products for years and have been effectively detecting faults, if any. Our staff is well trained and experienced and provides accurate results, every time.