One of the major requirements of leading pharmaceutical companies today is to derive the best Analytical Development results and supports from a trusted source. We as a progressive Analytical Development company, provide the desired results to these companies, who in turn use it to achieve their desired goals.

Analytical development is important in terms of providing a company with new methods that allow them to detect the potentiality of-

  1. Drug products,
  2. Active pharmaceutical ingredients,
  3. Excipients and
  4. Fixed-dose combinations.

These, help the companies to detect the right combination of methods and ingredients to produce the very best product, to be launched in the market. Some of the many method development areas that we have our expertise in, includes-

  1. Assay of fixed-dose and single drugs combinations
  2. Methods for Impurity profiling
  3. Methods indicating Stability in assay
  4. Methods designed for detecting residual solvents
  5. Methods that detect organic volatile impurities
  6. Methods designed for helping in multivitamin formulations and a lot more.

Our expert staff readily invests time in inventing newer and tested methods.