For the methods of medical device testing, a number of chemicals are used in the laboratories. It again remains a matter of concern that these chemicals do not react with the patient’s body during the diagnosis of the diseases.

Ethylene Oxide is often used in various places in the sterilization of medical devices. In doing so a number of times it has been seen that the levels of chemicals like ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, and others may increase. This increase in chemicals can be harmful when it is used on the patient’s body. So, it is very important that the levels of these chemicals especially ethylene oxide is neutral and no access residue to left.

We do take proper care of this particular thing. While the device testing method of sterility tests, our experts use Ethylene Oxide (EO), but within such limits that are not harmful to the patients. After the sterility tests that our experts perform for the device, they also go for a biological evaluation, which proves that the device is sterilized using the chemical Ethylene Oxide but still it is safe for use on the human body.