Food Adulterants are materials, which are supplementary to the food items for technical and economic benefits, however, they decrease the value of nutrients inside food items, and may also cause food contamination, making it not adequate for consumption. Food adulterants can be found in various cereal products, dairy products, eggs & meats, bottled & canned vegetables, fruits products, beverages, fats & oils, etc.

Foods and Adulteration:

  • 1. Milk can be found adulterated by removing the cream or by adding some water or by adding artificial colors agents such as coal tar colors, ceramel, annatoo, and preservatives like boric, formaldehyde, and other acids, etc.
  • 2. Meats and Eggs can be found adulterated by supplementing preservatives such as boric, potassium nitrate, and other acids, etc. Coloring matter such as cochineal-carmine and Aniline red are usually added colors.
  • 3. Malachite green may be used in vegetables for a bright glowing green color, which can be carcinogenic for people.
  • 4. Martius Yellow is used to further enhance the yellow color of various food substances. It could be carcinogenic and may cause stomach disorders.
  • 5. Argemone and Papaya Seeds used in Mustard seeds can cause severe glaucoma and epidemic dropsy.